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Brody the Lion is a children’s book series that aims to entertain, educate, and empower children and families while spreading awareness and acceptance of different abilities. Each book in the series portrays how Brody embraces the joys and faces the challenges of autism with the help of his family, friends, and community.  The books are written by a Neurodivergent Clinical Psychologist who has worked with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs for over 30 years. At the end of each book there are resource pages written by Dr. Wegner and her partner Kimberly Sattler MS, BCBA. The Brody Books, teaching tips, and behavioral intervention strategies are beneficial for all children, not just those with autism. 

Sometimes I ROAR is the first book in the Brody the Lion Series. Each book celebrates autism while providing parents, teachers, and therapists ways to help children cope with big emotions. Sometimes I Roar depicts an autistic lion cub both enjoying and struggling with his birthday party. We see Brody happily flapping his paws and jumping on his toes but when his friends are late, Brody does not get the present he expects, and guests sing too loudly, Brody melts down. As he roars, Brody’s parents do their best to calm their little cub using mindfulness and co-regulation strategies.  

 I Can Do It, Yes, I Can is the second book in the Brody the Lion Series.  In this Book, Brody uses positive affirmations to overcome his anxieties and self-doubt. Two new characters are introduced in this book. The first is a character with Down Syndrome and the second is a character with autism and epilepsy.  In addition, the end pages of this book contain eleven of Brody’s Buddies. Brody’s Buddies are new characters with a wide variety of different abilities who have been inspired by real children who support Brody the Lion.   

In Brody’s third book, The Shopping Flip, our favorite autistic lion cub heads to the grocery store. Despite having planned and practiced, Brody struggles with big emotions when he is faced with one unexpected event after another. From a claw game that delivers no prize to a turned over shopping cart, Brody succeeds with the help of his family and friends. Brody’s new illustrator, Fay Stayer, highlights Brody’s big emotions and brings Brody’s Buddies to life with captivating illustrations.

Brody’s 4th book, Brody the Lion Meets the Doc, Brody is feeling very anxious about his upcoming doctor’s appointment. Using the positive strategies from the first 3 books, Brody practices with his friends and family until he is feeling confident. At the doctors Brody faces unanticipated challenges that will have little readers laughing and cheering for Brody. This book also re-introduces Brody’s friend Bear who has been adopted by one of Brody’s nonspeaking autistic Instagram Friends, Ronin. Ronin uses an AAC device to communicate which is wonderfully illustrated by Fay Sayer.  

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