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Brody's Buddy Ivy Plushie

Brody's Buddy Ivy Plushie

Have you met Ivy? 

Brody’s friend Ivy wears different socks.
She has Down Syndrome and totally rocks.
Ivy is a butterfly who loves to sing.
She is very special; born with different wings
They are a bit small and shaped differently.
Exactly how they are suppose to be.
There is only one thing cuter than this stuffed Plushie, and that wold be Ivy herself!  Ivy's character is based on a real child who inspires the world day after day!
The Ivy Plushie is 10.5x10.5x6 inches. She was custom made for Brody the Lion by Budsies, the Stuffed Animal Pros! 
Celebrate autism and Neurodiversity with this soft Plushie. Use while reading The Brody the Lion Children's Books. The Brody Books are a great tool to normalize autistic behaviors like stim (self-stimulatory behaviors), meltdowns, and sensory sensitivities while teaching mindful behavioral regulation strategies.

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